Install Opera 24/25 on Gentoo or Sabayon

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A month ago Opera for Linux 24 was released. Unfortunately it was released only as a 64 bit deb package. Thats not a problem because an ebuild was already written (details: bug#514696).

On Sabayon:
Add PORTDIR_OVERLAY="${PORTDIR_OVERLAY} /usr/local/portage/" to /etc/make.conf

Based on:
HOWTO: Example of Installing 3rd Party Ebuilds

HOWTO: Safely mix Entropy and Portage
if You get any errors when generating the manifet file try emerge --sync and make sure are the dependencies are installed.

Installing opera on other systems: Manual Opera installation

Opera 25 is out!

Information about new version:
If You have the previous version installed just make a new ebuild and install:

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